upcoming Trainings:

always 9:30-11h (unless indicated differently)

location: Josephkonsum, Karl-Heine-Straße 48, 04229 Leipzig, 2nd floor



20.-22.09. // Milena Stein & Danilo Andrés

25.-27.09. // Kenan Dinkelmann (contemporary)

09.-11.10. //  Axel Schwemmer (contemporary) - cancelled-

21.-23.10. // Cristina d'Alberto (contemporary) 

30.10.-01.11. // Mikael Marklund (contemporary) 

27.-29.11. //  Jone San Martin (ballet for contemporary dancers) 

11.-13.12. // Clara Sjölin (contemporary)


next trainer: Milena Stein& Danilo Andrés

class description

The warm-up focuses on breathing and body-mind restrictions to awake and sharpen the awareness that enables the dancer to take the risk of shifting from control to out-of-control.
We work on the presence and resonance of the body, taking elements from other practices and disciplines such as physical theater and BDSM in order to open the perception of the sensual and aesthetic layers of the body.
In the second part of the training we connect to our perception and ability to compose dance in the very moment by being aware of the emotionality, the rhythm and the trajectory of the own body in relation to oneself, to the room and to other moving bodies.
With the training we aim to open a space for finding out a personal approach, getting more clarity, tools, strategies & questions to develop your own performance.


Danilo Andrés
is a dancer/choreographer and visual artist based in Berlin. His work in visual, sonic and performance art has always been interrelated, and is signified by incorporating multiple forms of media (sculptural headpieces, costumes, photography and video) with several languages in performance. He embodies magical archetypes by creating a dialogue with his own essential, primitive spirit and explores themes of possession by internal demons. This fascination for symbolism, archetypal figures and sacred geometry is a way to manifest the chaotic yet fluid phenomena behind the material world, and enables our bodies to become indistinct, transparent and infinite again. Since 2014, he's collaborated with artistic institutions in Berlin including Akademie der Künste and Neuköllner Oper, along with his work as a solo performer/dancer in cooperation with other choreographers like Minako Seki and Felix Ruckert (Schwelle7).

Milena Luise Stein,
born 1994 in Karlsruhe, Germany, is a Berlin based freelance dancer and performer. She received her education as a contemporary dancer at the Contemporary Dance School Hamburg (2013-2016). After her graduation from the CDSH, she went to Israel to study Gaga, a movement language developed by the choreographer Ohad Naharin. Two years ago she chose Berlin as her home to work on the topics of community and communication - both as a solo artists and as a member and co-founder of the Hamburg based 'Contrahera Collective'. In her dance training she focusses on the individual perception and expression, guiding the students through different qualities and textures, using imagery and the joy of sensuality, celebrating all aspects of the moving body: the vulnerability, the power, the emotions. She connects this warm-up of the body with tasks for opening the awareness and the ability for spontaneous composition.