upcoming Trainings:

always 10-11:30h (unless indicated differently)


20.-22.09. // Milena Stein & Danilo Andrés

25.-27.09. // Kenan Dinkelmann (contemporary)

21.10. // Axel Schwemmer (contemporary) 10-14:30 !!! date and hours changed!!! location: Schaubühne Lindenfels, Ballsaal

30.10.-01.11. // Mikael Marklund (contemporary) 

13.-15.11. // Ildikó Tóth

27.-29.11. //  Jone San Martin (ballet for contemporary dancers) 


Next Trainer: Ildikó Tóth

Foto: Jerome Comte
Foto: Jerome Comte

class description

Soft ground
This class combines elements of Release technique, contact and Forsythe improvisation methods.
Starting with a warm-up on the floor, usually in the form of an improvisation, we strive to acknowledge and learn to trust the floor as the main support of the body’s weight and motions. As we challenge known movement patterns by discovering varying points and ideas of initiation, we will focus on the proper use of our breathing.
Class continues with either set exercises or improv tasks meant to increase range of motion as well as the use of dynamic changes. A movement sequence or group improvisation at the end of class provides room for experiencing the space around us, the connection to fellow dancers and the pure pleasure of moving together.
Throughout class, falling and not-knowing are highly encouraged.


Ildikó studied at Rotterdam Dance Academy and lived and worked in New York City with Bill Young/Colleen Thomas & Co., Susan Marshall & Co. as well as Kota Yamazaki among others. From 2012 - 2015 she was a member of the Forsythe Company.
Since 2015, she is a freelance dancer and dance teacher and she has taught for the department of education at Nederlands Dans Theater, at Tanzlabor 21 (Frankfurt), K3 (Hamburg), La Raffinerie (Brussels), the Hungarian Ballet Academy (Budapest) among others.