upcoming Trainings:


always 9:30-11h (unless indicated differently)


 23.-25.10. Mona Louisa-Melinka Hempel und Thema Teisen

location: Schaubühne Lindenfels, Karl-Heine-Straße 50, 04339 Leipzig


09.-11.11. Heidi Weiss 10 - 11:30h!

location: stillhungry.art Studio, Josephstraße 49, (Hinterhaus/ rear building)  






next trainer: Mona Louisa-Melinka Hempel and Thessa Teisen

class description

The first part is the "apocalyptic Bodyworkout" which will prepare us physically for any version of the apocalypse,
the end of the world as we know it, or whatever confrontations there will be afterwards.
Based on Kickboxing techniques, military drills and solidarity we will train new movements and stamina.
The workout was developed in the last piece (forever apocalyptic) by Monas collective "die apokylaptischen tänzer*innen".

The second part of the training, with Tessa, is based on the choreografic method, the "techno practice",
developed by the Swedish choreographer Stina Nyberg.
We will trace different aspects and structures in the music, transfer them into the body and recall them.


Mona Louisa-Melinka Hempel is a Leipzig based choreographer, dancer and performer. After artistic stations freelancing in Stuttgart, Berlin, Paris, Amsterdam and with Theater Heilbronn and Badisches Staatstheater Karlsruhe she is creating works in Leipzig (FCK!T - a choreographic destruction of white supremacy / cammerspiele) and internationally (Bremen, Wien, San Francisco a.o.)

Tessa Theisen studied Theatrescience, Arthistory and Philosophy in Erlangen as well as Choreography and Performance in Gießen.
At the moment she teaches Theatrescience at Uni Erlangen.
She worked with artists like Tom Engels, Marcus Doverud, Antonia Baehr, Rose Beermann and Iva Sveshtarova,
Kroot Juurak and Marten Spangberg in the research field of choreography, performance and theory.